Pettenkoferstraße 12-15, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

PolygonGarden – perfect interplay of light in Berlin’s Samariter district

PolygonGarden deliberately breaks with the turn-of-the-century period buildings of its surroundings. The multifaceted residential complex rises like a distinctive sculpture in Pettenkoferstraße. Its most impressive feature is the indented glass facade – expressing an architecture with clear contours and an “edgy” style. The large glass panels reflect the sky and surrounding environment in an array of colors, depending on the light. Just like light passing through a prism, the most dazzling colors of an exciting city life spread out along Pettenkoferstraße.

Exposed concrete elements and movable panels further enhance the building’s striking appearance. The latter serve as a sun or privacy screen and their position can be adjusted as residents require, making the facade dynamic and ever-changing, including that facing the inner courtyard. Inside, a host of details planned to precision make each and every apartment unique. Thanks to the distinctive faceted facade, the balconies and loggias looking onto the spacious polygon-shaped courtyard offer privacy and seclusion.

2015 (completed)


132 apartments (52 – 123 m²)
6 commercial units (83 -158 m²)
50 car parking spaces in underground garage


12,200 m² of residential and commercial space

Flexible floor plans, primarily south-west orientation, energy-efficient building meeting the KfW 55 standard, triple-glazed insulation glass, room ventilation with waste heat recovery system, use of district heating with combined heat and power generation, green roof system, 1500 m² of garden, bicycle garage



HKA Hastrich Keuthage Architekten