Dresdener Straße 31/32, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Trilogy on Alfred-Döblin Platz

The site at Dresdener Strasse 31/32 is directly adjacent to the building project on Waldemar Strasse 1, which was completed in 2009. In keeping with this style, a modern new-build with transparent facades was constructed on this site. Its counterpart, in turn, is located on the opposite side of the street. The concrete skeleton construction with columns and beams allows for open floor plans and a number of loft-like duplex apartments in all three buildings. Floor-to-ceiling continuous windows with loggias and balconies dominate the facade. The fascias on the building’s exterior are made with precast concrete, and are white on one building while anthracite in color on the other two. Ceiling-high textile sliding elements of the same color on the facade provide privacy and protect from the sun. As residents can adjust the position of these elements as they require, the room lighting can be controlled. At the same time the facade changes in line with the use of the screens.

2011 (completion)


21 apartments (59-118 m²)
6 car parking spaces in car parking lift systems


2000 m² of residential and commercial space

Flexible floor plans, west-facing balconies, room ventilation with waste heat recovery system, low-energy building meeting KfW 40 standard or energy-efficiency building meeting KfW 55 standard, triple-glazed insulation glass, use of district heating from combined heat and power plants, rooftop terraces, balconies and loggias



HKA Hastrich Keuthage Architekten